DMDE - DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software


Q: Can DMDE help in my situation...?
A: It is not possible to guarantee the successful data recovery, based only on the problem description. The data may already be overwritten or maybe not. You should download and try DMDE Free Edition. Read the installation notes before use.

Q: How to use the software?
A: It depends on the problem. There is the manual. If you need data recovery run the software and begin with the section Find and Open Volume.

Q: I get a message that Free Edition recovers files from the current panel only / up to 4000 at a time.
A: You are using Free Edition: you may recover files from the current panel only (currently visible files in the opened directory, up to 4000 at a time). Make sure not to mark files in other directories (context menu may help you). Or buy a license and make sure you are using a licensed copy.

Q: Will DMDE paid license recover directory tree?
A: Yes, paid editions recover preserving directory structure shown in the tree panel. However you should first try file recovery with Free Edition since file contents may be damaged (see the next question).

Q: File problems: files are missing / have zero size / are damaged / have no original names.
A: Make sure you tried the most recent software version. Run Full Scan, try opening different volumes and reconstructing file system and data recovering. If you still have problems then files are probably overwritten after removal or file system is damaged seriously. Not overwritten files of known types may still be recovered using signatures without original names and directory structure (see the directory "RAW Search Files by Signatures"). If DMDE does not support necessary file types you may try other software or address to specialists.

Q: Is it possible to fix a file system instead of file recovery to another disk?
A: No, the main rule of data recovery is to not write anything to the damaged disk. Automatic fixes may cause irrevocable data loss. Human study is required before any such fixes. Anyway you need another medium to keep a backup copy if your data have some value.

Q: I bought the license but haven't received email with my license key.
A: Make sure you specified correct email address upon purchasing. Make sure your mail box is working, anti spam filters are not blocking the correspondence otherwise we can't contact you. Check your spam/unwanted mail folders. Request your license key.

Q: I wish to update/restore my outdated/lost software.
A: Request your login if the support of your license is not expired.

Q: I wish to upgrade my license. Are there any discounts?
A: You may find upgrades and discounts available for you in your personal section (restore login).